Monday, 18 February 2013

Being imaginative...


Sunny day...

Today it turned out to be such a beautiful sunny day, still cold but just perfect weather to go out.  My idea was to take the kids to the park after we all had a quick lunch.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Celebrating late Christmas with my second Mum...

Today I was so happy to see my second Mum, I just love her so dearly.  I was pleased she was back home from hospital. 

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Last Thursday was our best day out together, with my love...

Last Thursday I had a whole lovely day out with the man I am totally in love with.  Charles I love you darling, thank you so much for our great day out together.  We both agreed it was a very good day out together because we did a lot.  I just love the boots and perfume Charles brought for me as my Christmas presents with a lot of love from him.  Thank you darling, I love you.   I am looking forward to wearing my elegant new boots for you darling on News Years Eve.      

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas day, 2012...

Christmas Eve was amazing.  My kids, my love and me we all went into the centre of London to Pizza Hut for a meal, we were all looking forward too it very much.  It was pizzas, chicken wings, crunchy garlic bread and off course ice-scream for the kids they thoroughly enjoyed... and not to forget we all toasted with our own drinks and a bottle of wine.  After our meal I gave my love his Xmas gifts, I particularly thought about my card from me to him.  My love also had a bag full of Xmas pressies for my kiddos and for me of course too open them tomorrow Xmas day. 
The following morning, it was an early awakening for me and my excitable little ones, of course they just couldn't wait to go downstairs and open their presents. 
The big moment came when it all happened, with my big girlie who decided to sit next to the Xmas tree, and who decided also to take control of giving our presents, in turns of course.  It was an enjoyable feeling not having to rush, because it was about enjoying the moment, that wonderful feeling we all felt of receiving something so special from the people we love the most in our lives.  I thought about my kids smiles and also thought about my love, how he was spending his Xmas day with his family.  It was all so incredibly good while food was prepared by my big girl with my help, ready for our Christmas meal together late afternoon.
My older son's best friend came over to spend Xmas day with us.  Anyway the turkey was delicious, our whole Xmas meal was a complete success, together with Mulled wine and crackers.  There was also the Christmas pudding with cream, well that was me done for food for the rest of the day, I was definitely full.  Yep everyone was happy and satisfied, before kids spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening playing board games and watching DVDs.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Sunday full of amazing testimonies...

Church was really moving. It was a short service and very different to the normal one it usually is every Sunday.  A few people at Church shared some of their own testimonies what God had done in their own lives in this past year.  It definitely encouraged me to think, with God in our lives everything is possible.  There I was standing next to the man I am in love at Church.  I quickly looked at him and thought, Wow! I can't believe God had given me such an incredible person who is so loving in every way... and there he was standing next to me praising God. 
After our Church service we all went back home.  Charles took control of the cooking while I put my feet up while I watched a movie with my kiddos.  After enjoying a delicious home made spaghetty my love had cooked, we all had birthday cake, to finnish celebrating my daughter's eight birthday.            

Saturday, 22 December 2012

A touch of Christmas...

Finally it is all coming together.  Our old xmas tree, once again is looking so great in its usual little spot in our sitting room, together with a few presents under it.  I am now definitely looking forward to xmas. 
In spite the weather wasn't at all good this afternoon, my older daughters and I managed to do some more xmas shopping, basically getting the last pressies.  It was great spending time with both my girlies, in spite my eighteen year old daughter became a bit unwell, on top of getting lost in between Brent-Cross and Toys r Us.   
Yesterday it was my Munequita's eight birthday and this evening when she came through the door she managed to open all birthday pressies.  She was definitely an excited little girl.  So tomorrow after our evening meal we will all continue to celebrate her birthday with her choc cake.  Can't wait...